About us

Mondo is a state of the art eCommerce marketplace developed to satisfy the demands of consumers and merchants.

Our mission is to develop Mondo Shopping as the AirBnB of eCommerce. Building up a huge shopping mall and powerful community, supported by affiliate marketing.

Future MondO Shopping Modules




We envision to seamlessly connect online sellers and buyers by creating an eCommerce marketplace, whereby consumers get quality products in a transparent, seamless manner at cost-effective rates, while retailers get a fair share of their earnings, without having to compromise on quality, security, and authenticity.  




In our quest to incentivize the community activity within our ecosystem, we provide reward-based cashback participation whereby we pass a big part of our advertising commission straight to the consumer as cashback. It’s the perfect way to earn easy money online.


Group Buying

Using Group or Coop Buying, we will enable collaborative buying of items directly from manufacturers at comparatively lower pricing than what it cost you when you buy from a retailer. The prices of a product or service decrease, when the number of people who commit to buying increases. 


Crowd Funding

The difference between a typical crowdfunding platform and the Mondo Pre-Sale platform is that it is controlled and only those sellers are allowed to participate who have passed the screening phase devised by the Mondo Platform.

Mondo Shopping